link to bible 2.3

In the last days, I have done some updates to link to bible:

  • Link To Bible can now automatically retrieve the API-Key of
  • Link-To-Bible now adds the links to also to old posts, when they are viewed the first time.
  • Link-To-Bible now changes the links, if the selected bible version is changed. (The links are changed the first time the post is viewed or saved.)
  • The language of the available bible versions can be set in the settings now.
  • Language for parsing bible references can be set to post’s bible version or system locale
  • Link To Bible can be disabled for a single post using metadata ‘LTB_DISABLE’
  • The bible version per post can be set using post’s metadata (‘LTB_BIBLEVERSION’) now.
  • Removed dependency to php5-curl (it is still used, if available)
  • Revised error-handling, some refactorings
  • Performance optimizations
  • Some minor bugfixes, changes
  • Improved documentation
  • Updated biblelist from