link to bible 2.3

In the last days, I have done some updates to link to bible:

  • Link To Bible can now automatically retrieve the API-Key of
  • Link-To-Bible now adds the links to also to old posts, when they are viewed the first time.
  • Link-To-Bible now changes the links, if the selected bible version is changed. (The links are changed the first time the post is viewed or saved.)
  • The language of the available bible versions can be set in the settings now.
  • Language for parsing bible references can be set to post’s bible version or system locale
  • Link To Bible can be disabled for a single post using metadata ‘LTB_DISABLE’
  • The bible version per post can be set using post’s metadata (‘LTB_BIBLEVERSION’) now.
  • Removed dependency to php5-curl (it is still used, if available)
  • Revised error-handling, some refactorings
  • Performance optimizations
  • Some minor bugfixes, changes
  • Improved documentation
  • Updated biblelist from

tksCommons are online

During 15 years of software engineering, I got a collection of usefull java commons.

Most of them are closed source and cannot published here in cause of legal reaons.
But some of them can be published to be used by other people.

I packed them as tksCommons. Today I published two very thin (but stable) versions. In the next few days and months, I will add more …